More Than This by Patrick Ness

How many books do you know that start off with; “Here is the boy, drowning.” Because once you’ve killed off the main protagonist, (in the first few pages) where can you go from there? Quite far, it seems.

more than this

Seth wakes up, in what he believes to be a hell created especially for him, bruised, naked but alive. It looks like the world has ended. Dust coated cars. Houses have been completely abandoned. There is no one in sight. No one anywhere. To add to that, Seth can’t remember anything about his previous life, except the little he receives through his vivid dreams.  Confused and hopeful for answers, Seth is desperate for there to be more than this…

I loved that, despite some of them being shorter than I would of liked, nearly all the chapters ended in a gripping cliff-hanger, making it impossible to put down! The powerful, intriguing characters that fill the novel only add to it, described so intricately that imagery is easy. I also found the book terrifying and frightening because the some of the thought-provoking ideas in the book, whilst not gruesome, could potentially become true in the future.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Pick the up the book and read it for yourself! An action-packed, fast paced thriller, full of twists, is a perfect half-term read. I read More than this as part of my reading challenge to read a book at the bottom of your book pile, and I’m so glad I did. This is not one of your typical dystopian YA reads; It perfectly captures the eternal question that each generation of teenagers asks themselves, is there more than this? And if you’re not careful, you’ll ask yourself that, too.

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