April- More of Me by Kathryn Evans

Quirky, creative and engrossing, this YA fused with romance and science fiction is a novel that is certain to grip your attention.

25 More of Me_FC 2.jpg

Teva is sixteen; her life is hectic. Then again, isn’t everyone’s? If she’s not juggling meeting up with her best friend for lunch, then it is finding the time to see her boyfriend, or actually finishing her A level coursework, as the deadline looms ominously closer. And to add to that, whilst that’s happening, she’s counting the days until her next birthday, when her body will spilt in two, and a new Teva will be slip right into sixteen year old Teva’s place in the world. If that happens, as it has happened every year, Teva is will be forced remain at home, isolated there along with the many other versions of herself that have remained at the same age they were at the time of their spilt. However, Teva isn’t going to let that happen; she has to much to lose.- her best friend, her boyfriend, and her future. She is going to find a way to beat the split; luckily there’s only one person standing in her way, but the person inescapable. It’s herself.

I loved the character Teva, because she is easy to relate to; admittedly I cannot say that I do spilt in two like her, but I can recognise various aspects in my life that line up with hers and also can relate to many of the issues she faces to do with her school. Moreover, despite that Teva is a scientific marvel and can do an impossible feat (splitting), this fact never  takes away from her humanity. She undoubtedly has a human aspect; Teva experiences powerful emotions and is constantly striving to maintain her friendship with her best friend that she values so much. She shares the pain, like many other people her age, of growing up and finding her place in world, and this novel represents the idea so refreshingly and captivatingly that I wouldn’t, couldn’t stop reading. I consumed so many words in the hours straight that I would read the novel so it took a while for it all to sink in.

I liked the novel because of the original idea and that at some points the protagonist was uncertain about what was reality, making the reader question and think through things themselves- I was surprised by the answer revealed in the twist at the end.Then there was the host of interesting, tangible characters (apart from the Mum, who for most of the novel I thought was harsh towards the Tevas- there is an acceptable reason behind this that was presented at the end.)

So, If you are interested in a YA that is full of suspense, has a satisfying but ultimately unpredicted ending, readable (by this I mean it is not saturated with dramatic pretentious language like many books are today), and is a concoction of various genres (romance, contemporary, science fiction) then this novel is definitely for you!


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